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In Avian you play as a guardian of an ancient and forgotten civilization gone long ago. A dark matter has infested your homeland and you must use your ancestral instrument, the Anavi, to bend the alien-like plants of the world to your will.

The Anavi, your musical instrument, is not a weapon but a tool from the civilization you sworn to protect. It will help you control the different plants by playing 4 notes. Each note will let you interact with a certain plant and explore the environnement. Propulse yourself across a river thanks to a blue catapult plant, jump across a ravine by using a green plateform plant and many more!

Dive into a subterranean world that the Avian civilization use to call home. The caves are filled with a rich flora and fauna. However since the disappearance of your people, a strange evil has plagued this world. A dark corruption invaded most of the old ruins of the Avian and it is now starting to kill the environnement. Discover a way to cleanse this dark matter and restore the balance to the Avian world.

Find what’s left of the Avians to help you fight the corruption. Find the old instruments to purify the caves and restore your dying world. Dive into the ruins of this old civilization and try to save it from the chaos of the corruption.

Your objective is to reactivate old statues in order to cleanse the corruption inside the caves. To do so, you will have to solve puzzles and let a strange character guide your footsteps to your final destination.

  • A 3D game with a calming graphic style.
  • Interact with the world and plants around you.
  • Experience a refreshing design; combining music, exploration and puzzles.
  • Play the flute and create songs to calm the world around you
  • Discover the secrets of the world in which you are immersed.
  • Play with the flora of this universe that interacts with you.

⚠️The game has been designed to be played preferably with a controller⚠️

Programmer Team Matthieu Manuellan - Cedric Chauvin - Thibaut Guerin - Theo Boldireff

Design Team : Clement Tisserand - Loic Lanternier - Oscar Chenevier - Zoe Wingardin - Pierre Mallet - Selena Pavarino

Art Team : Lucien Delmas - Yoan Agostini - Clement Agogué - Axel Capomazza - Sylvain Balmot 

Sound Team : Jonathan Urso - Aristide Hersant - Olivier Penchenier - Nathan Bodard

Production Team : Eliott TirantVictor Chiorean - Leonard Jeannerot

Additionnal Help: Audrey Ferrandez - Florent Gissat

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/royale_monkey

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/studioroyalemonkey/

REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/user/Royale-Monkey


Avian Demo 2.0 935 MB

Install instructions

Download step

  1. Unzip the "Avian.zip" folder
  2. Open the "Avian" folder
  3. Click on Avian.exe

Step for players with a PS4 controller

If you are using a Dualshock 4, you must use the DS4 software to play with it


Development log


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Just found this game recently and I really enjoyed it! Graphics are super cool and I love the world you've built! There's a lot of environmental storytelling that makes me super curious about what's happened. I enjoyed the puzzles and am looking forward to more difficult ones. The character is kinda slow but I guess it helps you appreciate the environment more but for those who want to just play, I can imagine it'd be a little frustrating. Did I already say I really like the environment haha?

The final puzzle took me by surprise and was slightly unclear what I was supposed to do but it was easy enough to just guess my way through it after just one mistake. If the final version of the game has fights, I hope you ease it in because I found myself panicking slightly at the end seeing the ink person since it has been chill so far. 

Would love to see where this goes and even hearing some more amazing music or even music-themed narratives! Will look forward to it! 


I have 2 pieces of feedback:
1: I got very lost  at what I think was pretty early in  the game (when you're finding stones with a nest on the front) didn't know what to do or where to go next, ended up getting frustrated and closing the game.

2:The running speed of the character is deathly slow, had to play it at 2X speed on cheatengine and then it seemed like a normal game

(both issues make the other worse, I hope this feedback helps, thanks for letting us try the demo) 


Hey ! We just released the 2.0 version of the demo with many improvements ! You can give it a try and see if we nailed your feedback 😊


Hii, I've made a video beating the demo and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful for the development ^^

-The conept of the game is quite interesting and original.

-The gameplay mechanics are really awesome and creative when it comes to puzzles and level design integration.

-The visual style of the game is really good and really enjoyable, but I'll say that I've felt a few drops on the FPS on the video I've recorded (but not in the game it self), so that might mean that there's room to improve the management of the "map loading/textures loading" in relation to the storage of the PCs. It's just a small problem that I think would only affect content creators so in general I have to say that the game works pretty well ^^

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hey ! I see you enjoyed the 1.0 version of the demo, the 2.0 is available today ! Give it a try see what we have been working on for the last 3 months 😉


Good to know thx for the info :)


Good game !


We just released a 2.0 version of the demo if you're interested !


Great game!
I played it on stream and chat seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

My only feedback would be that the final "boss" was a little awkward to get the timing on and a little more, subtle direction would only improve the experience.
Can't wait to see where you take it next. =]

I really wanted to throw a little money your way, but I guess I will wait for the final product. Great work and keep it up <3


Thank you very much for your feedback! We wanted to know if we could get the link to your twitch channel?

Regarding the "boss", we are aware that we need to change things to improve it so we take note of your feedback and we will modify it quickly.

Again, thank you very much!


Of course! =]
I played it as part of a variety show and cued it up for the section I played the game.
Hope you enjoy it. ^^

Again, can't wait to see more of Avian. <3


Hello Helen ! 

You have been waiting for it, here it is ! The 2.0 version is available today !
You can read the patch notes here https://royale-monkey.itch.io/avian/devlog/325584/new-build-avian-20

If you're up for it, we'd love to see you playing it on youtube again ! 🤗


Thank you for the update, Victor!
I'll be sure to replay it on stream as soon as I can, and share the VOD with you.

Can't wait! :D
Happy holidays, Royale Monkeys! <3

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I was really impressed with this, can't wait to see what you do with it. It looks so promising. 

I did run into an issue where I got stuck between some rocks (around 25:06 in the video) 

Overall, the music-based mechanic and the general idea of the game is fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop into a more complete game.


Hey !
We're thrilled that you like the concept ! We can't wait to keep working on it and release a full fledged game :-) 
Stay updated and soon enough you'll be able to play the full version !


Hello again ! You were looking forward to it, here it is !
The 2.0 version of the demo is available today ! Give it a try, and if you record it on youtube let us know ! We'd love to hear your feedback on it 😃

Patch notes are available here: https://royale-monkey.itch.io/avian/devlog/325584/new-build-avian-20


Amazing game. I love the musical mechanics, remember a lot Zelda Majora's Mask. 


Thanks for the playtest :-) Glad you liked it !
Very helpful to have recorded your gameplay, that's going to help us in improving the game !


Hello again !
Version 2.0 of the game is available today ! We saw you liked the 1.0 version, here is the 2.0 !

Patch notes are here https://royale-monkey.itch.io/avian/devlog/325584/new-build-avian-20

We would love to see your gameplay recording again and hear your feedback 🙂


What a experience ! this game is just super cool and chill , i was really into it all along the DA is absolutely beautifull , the sound design is powerfull and very immersive , the puzzles and plateforms are a bit too easy for me but realy fun and interesting. That the demo of a very prometive game !! Great job royal monkey keep going ;)

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Thank you very much for your comment, we are glad you liked the game! :D


Hello !

As you said, we kept going 😄
Today the 2.0 version of the demo is available ! Try it out and we'd love to hear your feedback again

Here are the patch notes https://royale-monkey.itch.io/avian/devlog/325584/new-build-avian-20


It was a nice experience, sounds are great, the environment and the atmosphere feels nice. It's a nice foundation. There is nice mechanics with the instrument.  😀

But, tbh, it feels kinda empty in some area, like there is not much to see nor to do and it's just a long area to run through with just the music + careful with optimization, with maximum settings, I still see the grass loading right in front of me (Last big area).
Game Design can also be improved, some puzzles can be sometimes skipped for example with wind turbine there is one you can just walk through and jump and you can pass, or where u need to use the blue catapult to go to the green plant you can just jump and go on the plant. The ending puzzle can be just skip by pressing all the buttons repeatedly. For some of them it's just that collisions are not so good, and you can make jump that I think should not be allowed. 

Character animation could be improved, from behind it's fine, but from the side, it feels very rusty, same goes for camera movement, Idk, it doesn't feel great. 

And last point, for an exploration puzzle game it's very linear. I mean you don't have much to explore, and it's like just going forward and not explore anything.

Still, it's a great work ! Congrats' ! I hope to see more in the future ! 

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Thanks for this review ! We will do our best to improve Avian and this kind of comment is very useful.

There is a lot of things we want to add in the game, and what you see now is just the 1st version of this project.


You hoped to see more of Avian, here it is ! 2.0 version of the demo is available today, and thanks to your feedback we managed to solve some of them 😊

Patch notes are here https://royale-monkey.itch.io/avian/devlog/325584/new-build-avian-20

Keep us updated with more feedback 😊


Amazing game dev good animations and great mechanics 


thank you very much that makes us very happy


Hey ! We saw you like the 1.0 version, the 2.0 version is available today ! 

Give it a try, see what has changed 😊






Neat exploration game! The environment designs were nice! Character design and effects were charming as well! The controls were tight and the game felt great to play.

I think the game could use a lot of optimization in the graphical and performance settings. It was pretty rough on my GPU and I often had high temperatures even on the lower settings. (CPU: Ryzen 5, 1600, GPU: GTX 1060) Perhaps I just need a better PC though, so this might be a moot point. Some recommended system specifications would be nice to have on the game page though!


Thank a lot for your video and feedbacks ! A patch as been released to fix your shadow issues.
Have a nice day !


Whaooo thanks you <3


Hello again !

You tried out the 1.0 version of the demo, and today the 2.0 just came out ! We improved performances so keep us updated if you spot anything wrong

Here are the patch notes https://royale-monkey.itch.io/avian/devlog/325584/new-build-avian-20

Keep us updated with your feedback, and if you could even record it on youtube that would be awesome ! 😄